Wow! This uber-rare white 1982 Gibson Explorer E/2 checks all the cool boxes. Only produced for four years, the Gibson Explorer II, also called the E2, was intended to serve as an update to the original Gibson Explorer. A few key differences that set the E2 apart included a five-piece maple or maple/walnut body that was contoured and sported beveled edges, as well as a few cosmetic appointments for differentiation. 


This E/2 is in overall good condition for a 40-year-old guitar that has spent most of its life in a case. There is some finish checking here and there, with most being where the binding, nut, and headstock meet. The neck is a fat 50's so not for the smaller hands. The action is very nice, and it almost plays "Rock You Like a Hurricane" by itself. This E/2 isn't light, so you'll need to pump some iron before rocking out. It's an honest guitar with all its original parts, including its Dirty Fingers pickups. The guitar ships in an Explorer hard case although, I don't think it's original Gibson.


I'm happy to take more pictures or answer any questions.



Nut width: 1.72 in

1st fret depth .93 in

12th fret depth 1.13 in

Weight: 10lbs 8.7oz

Serial: 81272012

1982 Gibson Explorer II E/2

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