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Pacifica Guitars?

Hi, I'm Dan, and Pacifica Guitars is my collection of guitars for sale and trade. In my quest to avoid guitar shops and Craigslist weirdos, I created Pacifica Guitars as a platform to sell and trade the guitars I have collected during my thirty years of playing guitar. Yes, I made a branded website for my guitar collection.


As a Graphic Designer by trade, Pacifica Guitars blends my passion for design while offering a way to sell high-quality guitars from my collection and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. As a t-shirt designer for movies and bands such as KISS, Pacific Guitars is also where I sell cool Pacifica branded t-shirts. You can check them out here.


All the guitars on the website have been purchased either new or used by myself. I try them out for a while, then list them on the website. All guitars are priced based on my desire to keep them. That means some guitars are priced higher than market value and some lower. 



Q: Can I really buy one of your guitars?

A: Yes, all the guitars on are for sale and I accept all major credit cards.


Q: Why are you selling your guitars?

A: I believe we are only guardians of these beautiful instruments. I like to keep my collection circulating, allowing me to try out as many guitars as I can while I'm on this earth. #deep


Q: When will I get the guitar?

A: Unless otherwise mentioned, I will ship the guitar to you next business day, if not the same day. I ship to the USA only using Insured UPS Ground.


Q: Why so many Gibson guitars?

A: I like what I like.


Q: Why do you charge tax?

A: Because Pacifica Guitars LLC is a licensed business in the state of California.

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